Area 1- Coordinator- Katie Fazio

Area 2 – Coordinator-Sandy Gibson

1-11-19. A Union Ave. resident received a phone call from someone pretending to be her grandson stating that he was in an accident the previous night. This is a scam.

1-29-19. Items were stolen out of a package that was delivered and left on a porch on Union Ave.

Area 3– Coordinator- Diane McQuaide

1-08-19. A resident from the 1400 block of Crafton Blvd. observed a pop-up ad on his I-Pad while setting it up that requested him to send gift cards as a form of payment. This is a scam..

Area 4- Coordinator- Amy Buchman (acting)

1-09-19. A snow-blower and lawnmower were reported stolen from a Coulter St. residence.

Area 5- Coordinator- Mary Fleming

1-08-19. A porch light was found to be broken and a porch screen was opened in the 600 block of Clearview Ave. No entry was made into the residence.

Area 6- Coordinator- Bill & Janet Finlay Jr.

1-07-19. An unlocked vehicle in the 200 block of W. Steuben was entered and items were damaged within the vehicle.


Please do not give out any information over the phone to people who call you. There are several phone call scams being placed at this time. The scammers are also spoofing numbers to make it look like local numbers are calling you. It is the best practice to not answer these calls if you have caller ID. Let the caller leave a message and do some research before calling the number back if you think that it is legit. Usually a simple internet search will shed some light on who is calling you. As always, feel free to contact the Crafton PD with any questions or to seek advice.

As a safety tip please remember to keep more distance between you and any other vehicles on the roadway when there is snow or ice on the roadways. Nothing is worth getting hurt over. Please slow down and take your time.


Make sure to follow the Crafton Police Department on Facebook for the most up to date information

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