Area 1- Coordinator- Katie Fazio
8-02-19. A S. Emily St. resident received a call from a middle eastern sounding male that stated he was from the bank. A series of what seemed like legitimate security questions were asked by this male. It was later learned that it was a scam and that the resident's money was transferred between accounts and then stolen.
8-16-19. Two black males were seen entering unlocked vehicles on S. Emily St.
8-16-19. An unlocked vehicle on Hawthorne Ave. was entered and a GPS unit was stolen from it.

Area 2 – Coordinator-Sandy Gibson

Area 3– Coordinator- Diane McQuaide
8-11-19. A gas cap and spring assembly were stolen from a vehicle in the 100 block of Noble Ave. The suspect was a white male, blond hair, wearing glasses, a dark t-shirt and dark track pants with a red stripe.
8-21-19. A few vehicles were egged overnight on McMunn Ave.

Area 4- Coordinator- Amy Buchman (acting)

Area 5- Coordinator- Mary Fleming

Area 6- Coordinator- Bill & Janet Finlay Jr.
8-12-19. An I-Phone was stolen from the counter of a business in the shopping center. The suspect is a white female with short hair, a large hand-bag and was wearing a blue and white sun dress.
8-19-19. A vehicle parked on Duncan Ave. had a brick thrown through the rear window overnight.
8-21-19. A package that was delivered was stolen from a residence on Broadhead Rd.

School is in session. School buses are out. Remember to STOP for school buses with the red lights and stop sign activated. The penalties for passing a school bus with the red lights activated is a $250 fine plus court costs totaling nearly $400, automatic license suspension and 5 points on your driver's license. It's not worth it. With that in mind, passing a school bus with the yellow/amber lights activated is also a violation. If you are in doubt as whether or not you need to stop for a school bus, play it safe and STOP. Remember also that school zone speed limits are 15 miles per hour and speeding violation fines are enhanced as well in these designated areas. Please be patient through the school zones...or if you are not a patient person, leave earlier to allow more time instead of driving like a maniac through these areas.
We still have residents who are not locking their vehicles. LOCK your vehicles ALL of the TIME. There are bums who still troll the streets of Crafton and other neighborhoods looking to make off with your belongings. You worked hard for your belongings so protect them by doing this one simple task that most likely does not even burn a calorie...LOCK YOUR CAR!!!
This is also to serve as a reminder that the commercial vehicle/truck permits are in at the police department. Please come to the station to obtain your permit. Enforcement is in effect now. Some examples of commercial vehicles are as follows: vehicles with a business name on it, trucks with ladder racks, vehicles registered as/to a business. If you have any questions as to whether or not you need a permit, please contact the police department and inquire within. Vehicles with dual rear wheels are also prohibited from parking on any street within Crafton from 10PM-6AM as well. There is no permit for these types of vehicles.
Do NOT give out personal information over the telephone. NEVER EVER!!


Make sure to follow the Crafton Police Department on Facebook for the most up to date information.

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