Information on Current Public Projects

In 2019, Crafton began working with ClearGov to provide information on major capital projects related to construction, infrastructure, and other public facility improvements in a format that would be easy to read and accessible online for Crafton residents. We’re excited to bring you this new service and hope it will be a useful way to stay up to date.

ClearGov’s projects platform allows borough staff to create dedicated project pages and upload information about project budgets, narratives, timelines and updates, and other supporting documentation such as before/after photos and bid notices.

At this time, Crafton is only using the Projects section of our ClearGov page, so information displayed under the tabs related to financial information may not be accurate as it was automatically generated from older budget documents. Crafton plans to implement the full ClearGov platform in 2020 which will include fine-tuning the financial information provided on our ClearGov page.

ClearGov page screenshot.jpg